Our New Baby

My dear friends,

Here I am sitting in another wonderful part of the world, that is Mont Tremblant, Quebec, Canada!

Feeling like a new born kid, starting my building career all over again!
I must say its thank you to you all for supporting me over the last 30 years and what a great 30 years it has been. Here’s to the next 30! For you, your children, your grand children and even your great grandchildren, but for me unfortunately, I can only promise you 25! Which I will be happy with.

Going on from that, once again I have been so fortunate in stumbling over another Tortuga Club. This is another challenge, especially for myself, to give you the same experience, fun and seeing something grow from the ground upward. That is excitement! Beyond excitement! Chateau Morritt, our new baby!

After 2 years of talking, we have started work. As you can see in the picture of our own Tanya and the contractor Marc. So please all of you, see us and Marc finish phase one in March/April 2021.

I personally cannot wait to see the expression on your lovely faces once again, as you walk in and say “David you did it again!”

To all our family whom have already shown the trust and purchased in Mont Tremblant, we cannot wait for you to enjoy your new baby. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Before signing off, I do not want you to think I am neglecting the Tortuga Club. I am pleased also to announce the good news, that, we will be starting the second phase of The Londoner, 15 more suites, mid 2021. So you will have 15 more premium oceanfront suites to enjoy!

Also, even though at a slightly slower pace, due to island restrictions because of Coronavirus, we are continuing the renovations of both the Tortuga and Grand resorts.

So between us all we have an exciting future and I personally cannot wait to share it with you. Once again, I love you all and congratulations on what we have achieved.

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David M.