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5 Benefits of a Mid-week Vacation

While taking a weekend getaway seems like the smarter move for someone trying to budget their vacation time, is it really the better travel experience? Not only can mid-week vacations save you money, they also tend to be quieter with fewer crowds, and can leave you feeling more relaxed! Here’s our two cents on why booking a mid-week vacation is better:

You’ll save money. Travelling in the middle of the week is cheaper than weekend travel – hotels and flights tend to be cheaper mid-week, which can help you stick to your budget. You’ll also save when it comes to attractions, as most places charge less for admission if you don’t visit on a holiday or weekend.

You’ll avoid the crowds. Weekend travel is a popular option for most people, so if you take a mid-week vacation you won’t have to battle with crowds of tourists everywhere! This means that you can take your time exploring without being jostled around as well as having more time to appreciate the views without having to battle for a spot.

Less traffic. If you’re driving to your destination on a Friday evening, the last thing you want is to start your vacation staring at a line of brake lights. Starting your vacation on say, a Tuesday morning feels a lot better as you cruise against traffic while everyone else is heading into work.

You get a vacation from your vacation. Hear us out – no matter how rejuvenating your vacation is, the fact is you always come home to some housework. Unpacking the bags, doing laundry…it can be a lot! If you come back home on a Sunday night, the thought of heading to work the next day and facing all of the chores are a one-way ticket to post-vacation blues. By booking your stay so that you arrive earlier in the week and depart with a day or two to spend at home, you have time to restock the fridge with groceries and take care of any tasks that need finishing up.

Hoarding your vacation days probably won’t pay off. In 2021, Americans had on average 9.5 unused vacation days. Don’t become part of this statistic! Taking time off for yourself is crucial to not only your mental health and peace of mind but to your success at work and in your creative endeavors as well. There’s no point in hoarding your paid time off to the point of losing them. Plan that vacation and take a little me-time. You deserve it!

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